Liam, now 7 years old, was unexpectedly born with a hairy nevus that covered half his forehead and over his right eye. Doctors told his parents that the nevus could potentially develop into cancer.

His worried parents researched doctors through the insurance plan and couldn’t find the right one to perform such an important and delicate surgery. But their research led them to Dr. John Reinisch. Luckily, they were all based in Los Angeles. But they did not have the resources to pay for the surgeries on their own. They discovered Small Wonders Foundation, which raised funds to help pay for costs surrounding the first of five surgeries Liam would need to remove the nevus. Dr. Reinisch donated his time and felt strongly that Liam should have the surgeries while he was young, even before he started school.

The assistance the friendly and outgoing Liam received from Small Wonders Foundation and Dr. Reinisch has inspired him to want to become a doctor or nurse when he grows up so he can help people and carpool to work with his mom, who’s a nurse!