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Parents often feel devastated by the unknown effect of their child’s disfiguring condition. How will their child handle the repeated surgeries that may be necessary? Will their child easily adapt to the realities of his or her condition? Are there psychological scars that will go along with the physical scars on a face or body?

In 2005 a group of concerned parents and individuals created Small Wonders Foundation to provide assistance, information, help and encouragement to parents and families around the world experiencing the difficulties of having children born with body or facial deformities. 

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Oftentimes parents are not aware of the current research and services available for children born with congenital defects. Pediatricians often take a wait-and-see approach to treatment when up-to-date research and results show that children can be successfully treated at very young ages.


The goal of Small Wonders Foundation is to provide children with deformities the opportunity to receive the care and support they need to live a full and normal life.

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Small Wonders Foundation currently supports the work of Dr. John Reinisch.

For over 40 years, Dr. Reinisch has specialized in treating children with deformities with remarkable success. He is one of the world’s leading pediatric plastic surgeons and has pioneered many treatments for children that can be administered at very young ages.

It is the goal of Small Wonders to further the important work Dr. Reinisch provides by financing surgeries and related costs that otherwise are denied by insurance, raising awareness within the medical community and the public of state-of-the-art pediatric reconstructive techniques, and providing a community of support for patients and their families.

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The Small Wonders Family


Small Wonders is more than just a charitable foundation, it is a family of caring. Each December Small Wonders Foundation brings together current and former patients of Dr. Reinisch and their families to celebrate the holidays and make connections. On December 16, over 30 patients and family members gathered on a beautiful sunny day at the beach to have some fun and connect with other families.


This year the December event was organized by the Small Wonders Foundation Junior Advisory Council. In 2013 the Small Wonders Foundation Junior Advisory Council was formed to support the efforts of Small Wonders Foundation. Open to middle school and high school teens in the Los Angeles area, the purpose of the council is to raise funds for Small Wonders while increasing the awareness of the good work the foundation does in funding surgeries for children born with craniofacial differences. In May of 2018, the Council hosted Small Wonders Rocks. This event, hosted at The Mint, a landmark club since 1937 where many music greats made their debut, showcased young, talented bands of school age musicians from all over the Los Angeles area.