Luca was born prematurely with no external left ear and little ability to hear. His parents immediately went in search of a diagnosis and traveled miles from their home in Târgoviște, Romania, to seek treatment.

When Luca was still very young, doctors in Bucharest were able to identify his congenital malformation as Grade III left microtia and aural atresia. The corrective surgeries available in Romania were not sufficient and funds were not available for travel and treatment in the U.S.

But Luca’s mother, Rebeca, found Small Wonders and Dr. Reinisch and appealed for help for her little boy. Following an assessment, Dr. Reinisch determined that he could help Luca and shortly thereafter performed the life-changing procedure.

Luca, now 8, is a happy boy who loves his “amazing ear,” which allows him to wear sunglasses. He also plays the guitar and enjoys his friends, math, European football, cars and cartoons.